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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Los Angeles Graffiti Threatened

Today the Associated Press put an article on the wire about a graffiti project that was originally consented by Los Angeles County officials that is now being threatened with whitewash. FreeArtWorcester thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start the discussion here in Worcester about graffiti/street art.

Okay so this mural was given the go ahead by city government which was put up at no charge by local artists and now that it is up, the officials are questioning some of the murals content and are threatening to whitewash it. Why is it that when people start to have a little bit of fun in this country "officials" want to pull the plug?! It makes no sense and is frustrating!!!! 

Hundreds of artists came out and gave their time and creativity to give something back to the LA community (who showed up with their kids to watch) and make a horrible concrete waterway canyon more interesting and much more pleasant to live with. Why is it that people cannot exercise their right to freedom of expression in public spaces without being harassed by the "officials", yet it is okay for the "officials" to decide the zoning laws etc. and allow billboards and advertisements to be placed all over the place?!!!! Advertisements that try to tempt you AND your kids to buy stuff like beer and liquor with images of half dressed women. Some people find THAT offensive but apparently it is okay because someone PAID for it and is making money off it. This all seems to say, "If you have money you can put up anything you like, if you don't your a menace to society".

The photo above was taken in Europe by FreeArtWorcester. It is a small section of a mural put up on the side of a cafe. It's such a pleasant surprise to walk around a corner in a city and see street art work. When it does happen and it brings such a big smile to ones face. I mean look at the brilliant graffiti on the side of Java Hut (sadly now closed) in Webster Square! It's so much fun driving by that building and seeing that mural. Hopefully Bicycle Alley won't whitewash it!

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