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- Bill Hicks, comedian 1994 R.I.P

Saturday, July 24, 2010

508 we're in ya Area, give a shout

Eh, People of Worcester! There is FreeArt hitting the streets over the coming weeks, CHECK IT!!

If you see one of our stenciled beauties, show some love. How? Pick it up, take it to one of your favorite places in Worcester + photograph yourself with it or on its own if you don't want to be in the photo. We will understand, we don't share our face easy either. :) If you have a Flickr account look us up and share your photo with us so we can post it here! If you don't have a Flickr account email it to us at freeartworcester_at_yahoo.com OR share it with us on Facebook.
We can't wait to hear from ya!


4 in Elm Park, 26 July
Park near Ed Hyder's, Pleasant St.,
26 July
Easter's Fashions on Pleasant,
26 July
Sever + Plesant Sts., 26 July
Sever + Elm Sts., 26 July
Miss Worcester Diner, 30 July
Java Joe's, 30 July


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Element-Tree said...

Dope page! You should check out Element-Tree Im pretty sure you would enjoy it! www.serringe.blogspot.com

FreeArtWorcester said...

Look out Sprout, we're coming at ya soon!...

Element Tree is AMAZING, thanx for giving a shout!