"Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye."
- Bill Hicks, comedian 1994 R.I.P

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mutha Nature's Art

Apparently recent solar activity is allowing some peeps to see the Aurora Borealis further south than usual, like in lower Canada and the US. You can find these photos via Flickr, usernames:
Wiciwato (top) + Miguel Yetman (bottom).



Spyboy said...

So Weird. I'm trying to work the northern lights into a scene in my western, as we speak. Nice.

freeartworcester said...

that's purrrrrrfect...remind me to tell ya about the Northern Lights creation story according to the Canadian Peoples.


Big Asshole said...

pretty rad

freeartworcester said...

Big Asshole!,coming from you that's compliment and a half! we're such a big fan of your blog!