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- Bill Hicks, comedian 1994 R.I.P

Friday, September 3, 2010

FreeArt Friday: This is It for the Season Peeps!

Well, what a great summer it has been in Worcester + once again we had loads of fun making + sharing our FreeArt with you! Thanx to all those who have supported us + enjoyed the chase. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today and tonight we will be scurrying around town to throw down the last fifteen pieces of our 508 stenciled FreeArt. As they hit the streets we will be updating our location list below, our Google Map as well as our Facebook page. So if you are determined to snag one all you need is right here.

Good luck, be safe + see you next summer!


Sears Island
TurtleLove Boy
Girls Inc. Spurr + Providence St
Hurtle + Angelo St.
Bell Pond
Shrewsbury + Granby
Boynton + Elbridge St.
Rutland Terr + Salisbury
Sagamore + MOnadock
Goldstar Diner
Grove St + Glennie (near Jillian's)
Under Ralph's Diner sign
Lucky's Cafe (Northworks)
Major taylor Blvd + Old Lincoln St.
Millbury St + Kelly Square (Hotel Vernon)

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